Catrine's Heritage Action team

Buildings at Risk Now

The A. M. Brown Institute


The A. M. Brown has served Catrine well as the village hall and community centre since it was gifted to the village in the late 19th century by benefactor A. M. Brown. It passed into the care of the Local Authority of the time when Finlay's left and the current L.A., East Ayrshire Council, have declared it 'Surplus to Requirements' putting its future at risk. Catrine Community Trust submitted a C.A.T. (Community Asset Transfer) application to the council but financial trouble has made it impossible to complete that transfer. C.H.A.T. have put in an expression of interest to East Ayrshire Council and now must raise funds to complete the deal. The building currently hosts a 'Connecting Generations' Lottery Funded project.

St. Cuthbert's Street cottages


The block of cottages numbered 27 -33 on St Cuthbert's Street next to the Local Nature Reserve known locally as the Voes, has also been declared 'Surplus to Requirements'. EAC have taken steps to move tenants out of the flats to alternative housing as it becomes available. 

There is a possibility, as yet unproven, that the lower floor of this building might be much older than thought so C.H.A.T. is very keen to ensure that it is examined to determine its age and provenance as it could prove to be a very unique and historically significant structure if the theory proves valid. Again, an expression of Interest has been submitted and we are in conversation with East Ayrshire Council and Historic Environment Scotland as to next steps.

Flats on Newton Street


This partially boarded up block of flats on Newton Street were part of a later development of additional mill-workers housing put in place by James Finlay and Sons. 'Newton' is a contraction of 'Newtown'. They are significant in that comparisons between these and the earlier housing on Mill Square and Mill Street in the village track the development of early industrial accommodation. These have also been declared 'Surplus' by EAC but we don't know their status right now or if any planning consent has been granted in connection with them.. It appears that some exterior work has commenced and outbuildings (original wash houses?) have been demolished.

The latest


Below is the section we will use to keep you updated on our progress (or not) on all the projects we take on. 

Updates and actions

A. M. Brown Institute

An 'Expression of Interest was submitted to East Ayrshire Council  to take the building back into community hands via a 'Community Asset Transfer' application. 

Flats on Newton Street

An objection was lodged to the demolition of the last remaining examples of 19 century 'Wash Houses'  in the village to EAC planing department. 

St Cuthbert's Street cottages

An 'Expression of Interest was also lodged  for nos. 27 - 33 St Cuthbert's Street, also declared 'surplus' by EAC.

Heritage Potentially at Risk

Catrine Chapel


The Church of Scotland Chapel on Chapel Hill in Catrine is an 'A' listed building. While it is still in use at present, a dwindling congregation means that it may become at risk if the numbers fall below a certain level. 

Wash houses on Newton Street


An objection to this demolition was  submitted to EAC Planning.

Archaeology at risk


Catrine tunnel is part of the water power system to the mill which is a Scheduled Ancient Monument. The current owners of the S.A.M. are no longer able to care for the monument in its entirety and the historic burdens attached to it and may hand it over into the care of East Ayrshire Council.